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The Department of Technical and Scientific Book with a reading room has at its disposal a fund of 40,000 books in all fields of human knowledge. The most prominent social studies are philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, education, law, economics, history, librarianship, art, criminology, language and linguistics, geography, religion, anthropology, methodology, political science, archeology, sociology and musicology. Physics, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, ecology and astronomy are the most prominent natural studies.  The department emplaces rich literature and literary criticism materials. In addition, there are textbooks as well as math and physics workbooks. The Department has a reference collection of 1500 publications, consisting of general and specialized encyclopedias, reference books, lexicons, dictionaries and bibliographies.  The collection is situated in free public access within the reading room, allowing readers to use the material easily and independently.The collection of doctoral and master's thesis contains about 900 library items, which are processed in an electronic catalogue and searchable by various criteria: keywords, author, title and scientific field. The works of the Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Physical Education and Sports are the most represented.  The collection of old and rare books consists of 400 monographic publications.  Library users have a card, subject and electronic catalogue at their disposal.  Publications not owned by the Library can be obtained through inter-library lending. In 2014, the Central Library of East Sarajevo became a member of the COBISS system. Consequently, we started processing books in a co-operative online bibliographic utility where the content of our library is available to the users. The department of technical and scientific book has the possibility of inter-library lending with other libraries from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.